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Swindon Heritage Magazine

Jan 21, 2013   //   by admin   //   History, Uncategorized  //  No Comments

3j-swindonheritage2Swindon has an amazing history. The canals brought about a huge change as trade was no longer restricted to horse, cart and track ways, so coal and agricultural products could be traded to and fro in society changing quantities. The railway introduced a huge workforce required to run the largest locomotive manufacturing facility in the world, but life expectancy plunged. The subsequent industrial health care system became a model for the National Health Service. From Aircraft and automobile manufacturing and then high tech electronics and service industries, Swindon has been at the forefront of those industries that changed society.

This is a plug for a great new magazine, for all those history buffs out there. Swindon has an amazing history which the enthusiastic team of Mark Sutton, Graham Carter and Frances Bevan are bringing to life.

3j-swindonheritage1Thanks to Arkells for hosting a packed launch today which reminded us that Swindon’s oldest firm brews great beer. Try a pint of Ball and Chain, for example.

(Photo – Mark Sutton in Arkells cellar bar, at the launch of the magazine – Jan 21st, 2013)